Finding Winter Comfort Through Design


Let me start off by saying that I may not be considered the best person to give advice on this subject, as I am from California and well, don’t experience what many others in the United States consider winter. BUT this winter has seemed very gloomy and rainy so I’m going to give my best recommendations for how I cheer myself up through these gray and wet days.

Let There Be Light: Lights are important. The type of lighting and where it is placed can have such an impact on your space and ultimately your mood. Soft warm lighting is always my recommendation. I’m really picky about this one. I cannot stand having different light temperatures throughout the house. Sure there are certain spaces that benefit from a different light temp such as a bathroom, but not two different types in one room. For comfort rooms, which are just rooms that bring comfort specifically to you, I prefer low warm light. That light creates a space that I want to gravitate toward to give me warmth, calmness, and security. And who doesn’t want that during winter?!

Texture: This will make your space go from stiff to plush depending on how you balance it. Texture is a great way to bring warmth and life into your home. Throws, rugs, and pillows are easy routes to obtaining fast texture. To balance texture, make sure you choose different types for a few select areas. For example, adding a rug with texture and a sofa on top of it with a lack of texture. Add some fluffy or macrame pillows with some muted texture pillows as well.

Plants: Some greenery never hurt nobody! Plants are such a simple and inexpensive way to bring some green inside, adjacent to a bare and gray scene out the window. They are also simple to take care of…well most houseplants are. Dot them along spaces that are lacking color and life. Counter/table tops, corners of rooms, and shelves are all great areas to place plants. Best of all, some plants remove toxins from the air inside of your home!

Candles: If you’re wondering why I didn’t include candles under lighting its because Candles deserve their own damn category and don’t bother @ing me about it. Add some comfort scents! I could go on about which scents give me the most comfort during these winter months but ultimately we all have different tastes and you may probably hate what I’d recommend. For example, I hate pumpkin scented candles. Now if that created trust issues between you and I let’s just forget I even just said that pumpkin scented candles are terrible. Back to design, candles are a great way to accessorize, add color, scent, and comforting lighting. Neutral colors in candles may seem to counteract the point of adding color, but ultimately are calming as compared to red and other more vibrant colors.

So yes, California winters are not near as gloomy as winter in other parts of the country, but this winter is gloomy to me and you’re not going to change my mind on that. Hopefully these tips can brighten and comfort you and your home this winter.



Chase Viramontes is a junior designer and works for Stephanie Catron while writing for a downtown fresno blog and finessing some side social media marketing.

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